Sun & Mist

Sun Mist Travels was founded in 2007 with the mission of being an adviser, partner and a friend to travelers visiting places for business or pleasure. We focus on all aspects of your travel plan from the beginning through your journey with helping you and your family finish it with pleasant memories.

As part of our service offerings, we routinely book airlines tickets, hotel stays and rental cars for our customers offering them the very best of the choices available, at great prices. Due to the number and diversity of the contracts we constantly put in place with several reliable travel industry partners, it enables us to bring you the best in travel options to meet all your travel needs.

Whether traveling domestic or international, single or in a group, we provide everything you will need to make the journey. We make the required airline bookings, make reservations on rental cars, book hotels and provide you with a complete travel plan. We also provide great deals on several well-known vacation and cruise packages with connected travel options creatively tailored with your personal preferences in mind. Further, if you wish to travel to destinations that are not usually available as a popular travel package on the internet, we’ll do the research and contact you with best prices and options you can choose from. We could even charter airplanes, if requested. In the end, we want you to be completely satisfied, relaxed and assured that all your travel arrangements have been taken care of by an ARC certified professional travel consultant.

Please send us your travel requests by clicking here or visiting our Travel Request page.